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About Us

"Mr. Magpie boat workshops" aim is to revive long-forgotten boat building traditions

Wooden rowing boats that we make are built according to old traditions of boat building. Timber products that we use are made from the highest-quality wood.
Every boat is handmade. It is manufactured with love and thoroughness, so that at the end it can sail off on a journey to its owner.
We give people positive feelings, which can be acquired taking delight in beautiful things which surround us daily, and enjoying environment, where every detail matters.
Our customers are people who know intrinsic values and appreciate natural materials, fine design and presence of quality things in their surroundings.

In our work we use as many materials with natural origin as possible. All materials are handled according to old boat building traditions, which are inherited through hundreds of centuries both in Latvia and in the world.
All timber products are carefully selected from high quality wood with particular characteristics in its grain structure.
Bearing constructions are made of oak wood, board and paddle boards from pine.
Wood is curved according to an old method using vaporization, which nowadays is used only by a rare boat builder.
This method is complicated and time-consuming, but outstanding result is worth the effort.
When boat is finished it is treated with high quality wood protecting coating, which protects it from sunbeam and water influence.
All this allows boats that we built to be of a highest quality, durability and longevity, which can be measured in several hundreds of years.