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We are making the highest quality wooden rowing boats. Our boats are based on classical and legendary models that are recognized and appreciated around the world.

Materials used in all of our boats:

Boat frame: Oak
Onboard boards: Pine
Rows: Pine
Dulles and other metalical parts: Brass

Classical "14 foot Whitehall"
Origin of elegant and efficient "Whitehall" rowing boat model is still wrapped in mystery. It is known that builders of the boat in the old times were seamen and sailors.
Famous maritime historian (Howard I. Chapelle) asserts that this boat originated in New York, because there is “Whitehall Street” in this city, and this is the place, where boat was first built.
Designing of the boat begun around 1820 and it was performed by navy shipyards’ disciples.

"Mr. Magpie Boat Workshop" has given this wonderful boat model second life in nowadays!
Classical "Whitehall" boat has perfect driving characteristics, it is easy to row. Boat is to be rowed by one or two rowers. In total 4 people can enjoy the boat ride!

Length: 430cm
Width: 130cm
Height: 60cm
Weight: 130kg
Model "10 foot Tender"
This is a little bit smaller boat model, which can be rowed by one rower. Total 2 persons can enjoy the boat ride!
This is very elegant, convenient and practical boat. Because of its size, it is not heavy and does not take up much space.

Length: 310cm
Width: 130cm
Height: 50cm
Weight: 90kg
Special "Whitehall"
Our Special "Whitehall" model is built on the classic "Whitehall" model base, supplemented with cabinet in the front of the boat and extra brass accessories (clocks, bell, boat name).

Length: 430cm
Width: 130cm
Height: 60cm
Weight: 150kg