Classical "Whitehall"


CATEGORY: Boat models

DATE: 2016-02-10


From History of "Whitehall" boats:

These boats are mainly intended for rowing, however because of their suitability for sailing, there was a big demand for these boats.

They were chosen by anyone, who needed safe and fast travel on water, from one harbor to another – brokers, newspaper reporters, insurance agents, doctors, ship officers, harbor officials, and also New York harbor police.

“Whitehall” were available in sizes from 12 till 24 ft (3,66m – 7,32m). 12 ft “Whitehall” are intended for one person rowing, whereas bigger, 24 ft “Whitehall” are intended for 5 people rowing.

Smaller rowboats were available for rent, and two or three person could ride them. 16 – 18 ft rowboats were used by chandlers to transport goods. In the biggest boats small groups of people were able to travel around.