"Whitehall" special edition


CATEGORY: Boat models

DATE: 2016-02-10


Our Special "Whitehall" model is built on the classic "Whitehall" model base, supplemented with cabinet in the front of the boat and extra brass accessories.

From History:

Due to boats’ fine weight and shape, that makes boat stable, with high controllability and easy to gain high speed and easy rowing, oarsmen began to use the boat in sporting competitions. In the middle of 19th century rowing became the main American sport on the East coast and it had great influence on the popularity of “Whitehall”.

“Whitehall” model mirrors experience of traditional rowing and legendary classic design, which reached its top about a century ago.

“Whitehall” is an example from “golden era” of marine design and craftsmanship, and this shipping heritage is rebuilt in modern models of design. 

Growing interest in shipping heritage and ecological, healthy recreation causes the rebirth of this traditional boat, which manifests in olden times skills and finest modern material combination. Today “Whitehall” boat is easy to be kept and if it is well maintained, it can live a long live, even several hundreds of years.