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For Interior

Stylized boat frame as ceiling lamp
We make a variety of exclusive interior elements for home, office and other premises.
Real horseshoe as good luck symbol
The use of a horseshoe as protective and good luck symbol goes back many centuries and many cultures.
Horses and everything related to them is our passion. From us you can buy real, used horseshoe, that is designed as a key hanger.
It is recommended to choose a worn horseshoe rather than a new one. An actual, worn horseshoe will be infused with powerful energy as it was used to protect the horse over a long period of time.
It will also carry a strong energy imprint of the horse - a strong, free spirited and powerful animal with rich feng shui symbolic energy.
Place the horseshoe with the two ends pointing up. This configuration allows good energy to be stored and collected versus being spilled and lost (which is the case of placing a horseshoe with the two ends pointing down.)